Welcome to Karlsbad Tavern & Grill

Karlsbad Tavern is a bar and restaurant with friendly atmosphere, low prices, and sense of humor.

The sign on our door nods to that and our restrooms are for “bushes” and “trees”. Motorcyclists enjoy stopping in for a cold drink after a long ride and we welcome everyone to socialize with friends and family.

We get you your food and drinks pretty quickly, but our place is meant for you to take your time and relax, so you’ll never feel rushed here. Try our unique flavors such as Cajun potato salad, Rubens, and wings.

We also take pride in our burgers, fried fish, baked potatoes, and coleslaw. We love to offer specials for holidays and events. Karlsbad Tavern also offers delicious mixed drinks, bottled beers, and beers on tap including Miller and Budweiser products.

Located in Genoa, we offer a small-town feel in a convenient location. You’ll feel at home with our north woods rustic décor. We are on Urbanspoon, so stop by to find out more about us. We look forward to serving you your next great lunch, dinner, or drink.